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The first step for successful tracking and analysis of user and/or customers' events is to create an accurate data flow.


Web technologies, integrations, reviews and cases, etc.

PyPDF2 and Tabula Examples

I've been trying various solutions for forecasting for a while, trying to understand the process and methods. One of these was the Prophet procedure developed by Facebook, which is…

Datetime module, extensions and more...

Each time, I try to solve a problem that I have encountered or wondered about by thinking about the programming languages that I am familiar with, such as R, Python,…
I have been interested in the Python programming language for a while. My goal is to somehow improve my Machine Learning skills in addition to the data analytics process. So, I've set a few thresholds,…

String and Pandas DataFrame Methods with Examples

A content site has a 2-stage sub-targeting from the first moment it meets its target audience (new users doing relevant searches); to increase the number of new visitors and to revisit (return) new…


Plugins, themes, applications, reports, etc.

By WooCommerce REST API, we can list, update and/or delete products, orders, customers, coupons, and more. These operations can also be edited and added news with customized…
Google Data Studio - Website Performance Report is a Data Studio report prepared to include page view and conversion definitions specific to session, age-gender, device data. It can…
Setting up Google Ads conversion and remarketing codes can confuse someone who is not familiar with the panel and/or JavaScript code structure. On the other hand, incorrect installation…
Sometimes, it can be challenging to plan, follow and execute the relevant updates on WordPress websites where the intense content entry and/or past articles are frequently updated.


Analytics, reports, enhancements, etc.

Analytics Service Installation and Account Audit

Tag Setup and Tracking Processes

Conversion Tag Installation and Tracking

User Events, Segmentation, etc.

User Experience Analysis and Optimization

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User/Page Event Tracking and Reporting

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