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The first step for successful tracking and analysis of user and/or customers' events is to create an accurate data flow.


Web technologies, integrations, reviews and cases, etc.

In the article titled Content Grouping in GA4 Properties, I explained how to send content grouping information to Google Analytics 4 properties using…

Boost Your Ad Performance with UET and Goal Setup in Bing Ads

Although Google Ads, the giant of the advertising world, is undoubtedly the best known and most used advertising platform, its competitors are also trying to increase their market share. One of the…
Recently, I've been receiving many messages about data scraping. When grouped, sources related to news websites…
As mentioned in the article titled Web Scraping: Text Extraction from Infinite Scrolling Pages, I will be sharing articles and examples related to data…


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Analytics, reports, enhancements, etc.

Analytics Service Installation and Account Audit

Tag Setup and Tracking Processes

Conversion Tag Installation and Tracking

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User Experience Analysis and Optimization

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