Folded paper bowl for stray animals
Brand: EZZA
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Carry in your Bag! Reuse! Help Stray Animals!

Easy to make and keep paper bowl for stray animals. Keep it all the time, use and share it when you see an animal which need some food.

Do an amazing paper bowl just in seconds and feed the street animals with a reusable & recyclable item. Its so light, small and very easy to use, that we guarantee you’d always want to keep it on your bag. 


I believe in value of hand-craft over industrial production. For that reason all paper products that are for sale on this site are hand-crafted.

I am very much interested with the cultures of ancient civilizations such as Sumer, Babylon an Hittites. Thats the reason why I have choosen to use the name “EZZA

Ok, what does EZZA mean?

Nu NİNDA-an ezzateni watarra ekutteni” means  “eat the bread and drink the water” and it is the first decoded hittitian sentence (by Bedřich Hrozný in 1915)

To solve the mystery about the Hittite language, Bedřich Hrozný used two sentences that appeared in a text that reads NINDAan ezzatteni watarma ekutteni. It was known at that time that the ideogram for NINDA meant bread in Sumerian. Hrozný thought that the suffix -an was perhaps the Hittite accusative. Then, he assumed that the second word, ed-/-ezza, had something to do with the bread and assumed that it could be the verb to eat. The comparison with the Latin edo, the English eat and the German essen led to the assumption that NINDAan ezzatteni means “you will eat bread”. In the second sentence, Hrozný was struck by the word watar that has similarities to the English water and German Wasser. The last word of the second sentence, ekutteni, had the stem eku-, which seemed to resemble the Latin aqua (water). So, he translated the second sentence as “you will drink water”. Using these insights, Hrozný continued his work and was able to publish the Hittite grammar in 1917

As you’d notice on some pictures I have on this site, the only way to feed a stray animals is to use dirty plastics and trash-cans. Animals do not prefer to eat and it doesn’t look fine and clean as you see the pictures. Thats how I have decided to start EZZA.

Not really, after all this has started as a non-profit idea. Some fun, fresh ideas, clean streets and happy animals are all I get back. Besides, any margin in this work is used to help stray animals by other projects. Follow me on twitter.com/ceaksan to stay up to date.

  1. Resealable Kraft Paper Food Bags (9 pcs 4 x 15 x 24 cm + 8 pcs 4 x 13 x 21 cm) : $12
    I prefer to use linoleum print technique for those packages: $6
  2. I use rubber stamps to reduce the cost.
    Stamp pad, 3 different size and design: $29
  3. 40 pcs blank tote canvas bags: $68
  4. 100 pcs kraft paper and print on both sides of the paper (duplex printing): $68

As you see, almost everything goes to operational costs.