In addition to the newly planned and/or existing application promotion website, as one of the options for those looking for alternative options to be used in performance campaigns.

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Let's make a brief reminder about Grav CMS. Grav is a flat-file (file-based) content management system developed using the PHP language since 2014. Grav uses [markdown]( ../markdown-what is "What is Markdown?") files as content storing, Twig template system for rendering and YAML files for controlling the CMS capabilities.

Grav CMS received the Best Open Source Content Management System (Best Open Source CMS) awards in 2016 and the Best File-Based Content Management System (Best Flat File CMS) awards in 2017 and 2019.

Free HTML Template: Appco

Appco theme is one of the free HTML templates offered by the colorlib 1. You can access all the themes prepared for application promotions, including Appco, via the steps colorlib > Free Themes > HTML Templates > App Landing Page2.

Grav Teması: Appco

Grav Theme: Appco

The theme is currently active on Grav 1.7.25 version. Although it is possible to work with previous versions, it is recommended to use it with the latest version due to plugin requirements; see: blueprints.yaml

  + { name: grav, version: ">=1.7.25" }
  + { name: admin, version: ">=1.10.25" }
  + { name: archives, version: ">=2.0.2" }
  + { name: breadcrumbs, version: ">=1.6.1" }
  + { name: email, version: ">=3.1.4" }
  + { name: error, version: ">=1.8.0" }
  + { name: form, version: ">=5.1.4" }
  + { name: login, version: ">=3.6.0" }
  + { name: markdown-notices, version: ">=1.1.0" }
  + { name: pagination, version: ">=1.4.2" }
  + { name: problems, version: ">=2.1.1" }
  + { name: relatedpages, version: ">=1.2.3" }
  + { name: simplesearch, version: ">=2.2.2" }
  + { name: sitemap, version: ">=3.1.0" }
  + { name: taxonomylist, version: ">=1.3.5" }

Appco theme integrated with Grav CMS has multi-language feature. It is delivered with a pre-defined page structure suitable for Turkish, English and French language options. Instead of Alias, language separation is provided as URL parameter in the form of /en.... Features section also presents module contents.