Folding Paper Bowl

All things have started when I saw a few cats, some foods and trashes on a street. It was not good looking at that time. I imagined that I do not do that for my own adopted cat, so sounds not fair for others and started to thing what can I do to make it up better.


Galata Stray Animals

So, I was looking for a solution I decided to use paper for it. It is a most common thing in an agency and a designer’s home and started to find a form that easily can used for everyone. Sounds good to me; using wastepapers, feeding animals, helping them and more… Also, you can use these papers again for recycling instead of plastic bowls.

Actually, the idea is so simple. I always carrying  some foods for stray animals all the time, especially for tough days (insects are another problem too) and finding a bowl or something to put into is another issue as well.

So, this is the thing that easy to use and keep in a bag.


I have worked on it to make it almost perfect with some details and gathered more products to combine for the main idea such as bags, the guideline which has a structure that easily you can use your own waste papers to make your own bowls for animals at home or on streets.

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I decided to help another project such as stray animal shelters. So, you can buy to help me to help them for cold days. I keep only costs of production for myself and rest of it used for stray animal shelters (yes, I will share all processes and other information).