It all began with a simple question

“We love coffee, we love talking about, well then why do not we do something about coffee?


We target only places which focus on speciality coffee and decide to share all information they have for coffee lovers, coffee shop entrepreneurs and others such as which beans they have in their collections (i.e. aromas, flavors, blended or single, medium or dark roasted and more) and brewing techniques they are using (chemex, Hario, Japanese Style and more), who is their head barista, what is their purpose and goals and so on.

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It is very easy to discover new amazing places every day, whether you are a coffee lover or not.

If you are looking for new experiences about coffee or improve your knowledge, if you like to discover new places, concepts or looking a place that you can work in there for a long time and more… Yes, Keşfi Kahve is for you.

Web Page

I use Drupal -actually it was not possible to use other alternatives, it could be better, but we did not have enough source. I would love to work on Yii. So, we made a list and decide what was significant for the first step and go through with it.

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After gathering all information, we shared with them for their approving. The main idea is if you own a coffee shop and say we focus on speciality coffee you have to share your coffee’s information as accessible as customer find and see them when they want.

Some other important point is UI / UX. We talked with coffee lovers and place owners to be sure how we can offer the best experience to users. So, we connect all directories to others and make possible to get all information user needs at that time.

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Plus, define our short and long-term business strategies, value chain model, decide unique contents, show our own photos, info style, podcasts, videos, interviews etc.


It is related with web-based database structure with more special customizations which more synced, targeted and designated. The web version is all about information and the mobile version is personalization. These two of versions have our own income models.


As most of you, we are using Foursquare, Swarm, Mekanist, Zomato and other location-based services and share our favourite places with others. But, we experience that we need more than, we need to get all information about coffee, places and community which we want in a short time and it must be easy to understand. So, we focus on that necessity to make it possible and useful. After all, if you want more, you can use web version that is connected with the app, synced and personalised.



For now, we focus on the native web-based system to connected easily with the app and more personalised offers, modules etc. Yes, it takes some time to make it possible and well-designed, well-integrated.


Especially necessities show that the web-based app would be more functional and effective to reach for our goals. That is why still we are working on a native system which Cordova and Onsen UI preferred.