A Location-based Street Exhibition

Narrative-ist, an exhibition that includes images, sounds, videos and more to show how  signs, breaking points and social movements affect Istanbul and city’s residentiaries.

The exhibition represents how people think, react and feel after all these actions in their lifes and how they judge the variables that shared by government, groups and media owners.

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Censorship, hiding, keeping, destroying, failing, quiting and more become the parts of the city culture (i.e. Yapısal Gazetecilik # Graph Commons) and as a contrast of these  actions and attitudes there must be an alternative to possible to show, save, copy, easy to reach and touch how people feel in that area.

The main point of Narrative-Ist, creating creating a collective memory of the city on that can be saved, moved, copied digitally. Also, all different ideas can be connected, engaged, interacted with the base of the exhibition and all these different ideas can be added in the exhibition without concerns and doubts by all designers.

QR Scanning

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