Google Data Studio - Simple

Google Data Studio - Simple main report is compatible with desktop and tablet. There is a separate design for mobile devices. It can be customized with additional data sources and language options and navigate between pages within the same tab.


Font types and colors are customized easily, including Google Maps visual settings (a JSON file). The purchase includes certain pages and language. Additional pages, data sources, and language options are charged separately.

After the purchase is completed, the Help file, desktop & tablet, and mobile versions are sent to your contact information.

The report is copied over the specified links, ownership is transferred, the data sources are updated, and the study is complete.

Simple - Google Data Studio Report
Simple - A Simple Google Data Studio Report



The report has a fit to width display mode and does not contain any margins. However, in case of request, it can be set to actual size mode and margin can be added.

The report has Turkish and English language options. The preferred language can be noted in the purchase process, or you can send me a message via the contact form regarding the arrangements.

By clicking the Help link in the report, you can read the additional information about metrics, dimensions, formulas, charts, and calculated fields.

Release Notes

Planned Tasks

  • Detail pages will be added1
  • Shopify data source and report pages (summary and detail) will be added1


  • The menu section has been edited
  • A hidden page with graphics, color and font usage has been created for customizations.
  • Enabled fit to width option for device compatibility and removed margin fields
  • English version created1


  • Google Search Console page was added
  • Google Analytics UA and GA4 pages was added. Associated metrics and dimensions were added to the Help page
  • Google Ads page was added
  • Calculated fields were created
  • Mobile version were created


  • Color and grid template were created
  • Font type and sizing were determined
  • Graphic formats were created
  • Metrics and dimensions to be used in summary reports have been determined
  • Draft pages were created and associated with navigation
  • Help page was created on the Notion
  • Navigation area was created and linked to the pages

  1. It is charged additionally.