GDS - Website Performance Report

Looker Studio (Google Data Studio) - Website Performance Report is a Data Studio report prepared to include page view and conversion definitions specific to session, age-gender, device data. It can be customized with additional data sources.

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The report shows the values as funnels (in relation to Universal Analytics) in the context of goals. In particular, a flow can be created for events triggered by the Gravity Forms plugin, which is frequently used on WordPress websites. Funnel steps and conversions are grouped according to sources and drop-out rates can be monitored.

The purchase includes certain pages and language options. Additional pages, data sources, and language options are charged separately. Upon completion of the purchase, your contact information will be provided with copy access for the relevant report. Through this link, the report is copied, the reported ownership is edited, the data sources are updated, and the study is terminated.

Google Ads data is obtained through Google Analytics.

Looker Studio - Website Performans Raporu
Looker Studio - Website Performans Raporu



The report browser has a fixed (actual size) display mode and contains outer space (margin). In case of request it can be edited to fit to width and the outer space (margin) removed.

The report is in English language by default. However, if specified, Turkish language version may also be offered after purchase. For this process, it is sufficient to submit the language arrangement via contact form after the purchase is completed.

By clicking the Help link in the report, information about metrics, dimensions, formulas and calculated fields can be accessed. There is also explanatory information about the graphics on the relevant Notion page.

Release Notes

Planned Tasks

  • Detail pages will be added1
  • Shopify data source and report pages (summary and detail) will be added1


  • A hidden page with graphics, color and font usage has been created for customizations.


  • Added Google Analytics UA pages. Associated metrics and dimensions added to Help page
  • Calculated fields created


  • Color and grid template were created
  • Font type and sizing were determined
  • Graphic formats were created
  • Metrics and dimensions to be used in summary reports have been determined
  • Draft pages were created and associated with navigation
  • Help page was created on the Notion
  • Navigation area was created and linked to the pages

  1. It is charged additionally.