XML2WOO (WOO API - XML Integration)

The XML2WOO plugin is a WordPress plugin that allows the product contents of a certain platform in XML format to be transferred to the WooCommerce product list and the existing products to be updated based on the XML content.

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The XML2WOO plugin is in the process of maintaining/improving. It will only be used for testing purposes in this process. You can use the Mixture service as an alternative solution.


The plugin pulls the specified XML file specified in the XML URL field and checks its items. It then enables API access over the credentials added to the WOO API field. With the successful access to the key information and read_write permission, the Get Products button becomes available.

WooCommerce XML İle Güncelleme

After clicking the Get Products button, the products in the XML content are listed by comparing them over WooCommerce unique SKU definitions. Differences identified during the listing process are also marked.

WooCommerce XML İle Güncelleme

If there are differences you see after the listing and you want them to be transferred, you can click the Sync Products option in the lower section and transfer the product information in the XML content to WooCommerce.

WooCommerce XML İle Güncelleme

The plugin can also be run by cronjob automatically.


We recommend that you consider the following notes in order not to experience server performance issues.

  • The plugin runs in the same directory as your WordPress installation. Therefore, your server will be busy in the process of pulling, interpreting and transmitting XML data to the WooCommerce product path.
  • WP-Cron feature has been removed from the plugin. However, operations can be executed as a cron job on the server.
  • The plugin was created according to the Ideasoft XML structure. If you are going to use a different XML source, the plugin will need to be edited according to this source.
  • Considering server resources, we recommend 250 or less product items to sync to avoid performance loss. You can increase the server capabilities depends of extra needs.

Mixture and WooCommerce Sync

I highly recommend using the Mixture app if you want to sync different product resources with your website simultaneously with less effort. You can easily manage many XML files such as StockMount, Ideasoft, HaydiGiyToptan, WooCommerce, Google Merchant Feed through the application. For detailed information about the application, you can review my article titled Mixture and API Integration.

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