WP Post/Page Manager

Sometimes, it can be challenging to plan, follow and execute the relevant updates on WordPress websites where the intense content entry and/or past articles are frequently updated.

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In addition to intensive content creating and updating processes, it may become necessary to create a plan if editors, content agencies, and/or teams specializing in different points manage subdomains or directories over multi-language websites.

The WP Post/Page Manager plugin, developed for such needs, enables the draft, review, planning processes of the contents to be viewed separately and the contents to be listed, in addition to the standard WordPress content classification structure.

The article titled Editing the WP Admin Content Status Area that I published on this subject explains how the plugin works. In addition, since the source codes of the relevant plugin are open, you can see which processes how handled and extend them according to your needs1.

WP Post/Page Manager

WP Post/Page Manager plugin allows content to be drafted, scheduled, etc., depending on page types (post, page, etc.). It is a WordPress plugin that allows contents to be divided into processes and classified within the framework of these processes. The plugin is available as open source. Available directly from the GitHub repository or through the WordPress Plugin directory2.

After the plugin is installed in the WordPress directory, activate it. The plugin will create the page process divisions instantly without any extra steps. Then, you can specify the status of your content as you want and follow it through the breakdowns created through the plugin.