Tag Management & Organization

Tag installation and tracking processes

Tag setup processes required for healthy tracking and analysis of user activities and conversions


Analytics Solutions

User events, targets, goals, segmentation, etc.

Analyzing the behavior of users using the website and/or application and arranging them in accordance with the purpose


Data Visualization

Static and dynamic reporting

Monitoring of user and in-app events with in-service and/or customized reports and dashboards

Content Performance report includes the performance changes of content and authors over time, mainly based on content/blog sites.
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In addition to the newly planned and/or existing application promotion website, as one of the options for those looking for alternative options to be used in performance campaigns.
Setting up Google Ads conversion and remarketing codes can confuse someone who is not familiar with the panel and/or JavaScript code structure. On the other hand, incorrect installation…

Training and Counseling

Google Analytics (GA)

Setup, Account, Property and View operations

Tag setup methods include property and view-level controls, filtering, reports, segmentation, and alerts.

Google Tag Manager

Setup, container organization, tags and trigger management

Includes topics for account operations, tag types and setups, trigger, variable, and data layer organization.

Google Data Studio

Setup, integrations & connections, data operations and data source management

It includes page relations, metrics and dimensions, data source integrations and blending, charts, segmentation, and filters.