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That’s Not What I Said!

Do not forget, time and happiness are more valuable than everything. Do not lose your motivations, attention and energy and do not spend them for someone...
As much as possible, I am going to try how you can handle issues which show up while you manage a project, how difficult to work with someone and so on. Yes, generally they will be gathering from the bad side of the experiences, but to be honest, I know that is the really important to be aware of these bad issues, problems, and other tough experiences. Because, it is the only way forward.

Listen, Listen Again!

I know some people, especially if they are a director, manager or in other top management positions, they do not listen, because they already have opinions, solutions. If you have similar or close one, yes that may be a chance to get an action from them. Otherwise, it is a waste of time to explain what is your opinion, idea and so on, because they will ignore them all whatever they are good, better or useful or not. There is only one bullet to shut and reach the target. When I was a student It was same too. Teachers, Profs have their own ideas about you, your project, about everything you are connected. There is another point, as I said if your ideas, opinions, solutions are not close you will be in a desperate situation to get an attention, a few minutes they may act they are listening, look into your eyes and so on. They are seeking to talk rather than listen and when they can reach a point to connect with a glamorous story they enjoy starting to talk more and more. It is a main step for them to be clear they are managers, directors and your are not and it is a good reason for them to give advice, mention success stories like how they reach a good positions and more. After all, you will need more patience than you have.

Why Sounds Miserable

Not at all.
  1. If you set the meeting for an hour and noticed all people who attend the time and keep the conversation on your own agenda and prevent others from talking about things that are related with the topics, you did an amazing work over there.
  2. If you have ideas with solutions, effects, and their possible results. Yes, it is too much work and you do instead of them. So, there is a free time to chill for them.
  3. For some reason, they accepted your ideas and wanted to get what would be continuances after one step forward and you already prepared them, yes, you did an amazing work too.
  4. If you are not an in-house employee, you do an amazing work as well, because if they pay you hourly they will get more attention what you are saying. So, money talks.
  5. Last one, if you are a celebrity, it does not matter how you are smart, they will listen to you too.
I always prefer to say “I am working with them” instead of “I am not working there”. There is a small detail. I have my own responsibilities to reach as an individual and it is same for a brand as well. So, goals are same. Otherwise, you can act how you are busy, complain about your tight schedule, run around and get money easily. Yes, as I see, still it is “working” if you are not happy about your job. In this regard, if you have something to say think twice and talk short. If someone is gabbing, kindly notice him/her. If he/she prefers to keep going, punctuate the speech. At first, it makes him/her crazy but after all you will show them to respect you. If it does not work, you know that place would not good for you.

Happiness Is More Valuable Than Money

Do not forget, time and happiness are more valuable than everything. Do not lose your motivations, attention and energy and do not spend them for someone who is not worth for it for your work. There is a short documentary below the name is “Overwork to Suicide“. In Japan, white-collar workers increasingly work longer hours because of the fear of losing jobs and a shortage of manpower. So, excessive overwork causes mental health illnesses such as depression, and in some cases lead to suicides. There are speeches how society and their family think and if there was a chance how they could use to change the way, which cause of suicides. Just, keep in your mind.
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