Looking Back Upon My Life…

Discovering an idea is the primary point. The design would be the best, so creative, so something, but without a great idea, it is just a thing!
I am not sure which time I exactly suppose to bring up about my life. Each one of us, you and I, we have a bunch of stories, we have met with a lot of characters, followed different ways, taken some milestones which we have never forgotten them and so on since we were born until now… When I was working in an agency as a UI Designer (I also studying at Uludağ University). I was trying to figure same things, same problems and solutions out every day that were drawing me so depressed. After all, I realized that it would not enough to exist. So, I managed the options, which I held and took new decisions, set new goals and so on.
Love what you do and do what you love. Don’t listen to anyone else who tells you not to do it. You do what you want, what you love. Imagination should be the center of your life.
Ray Bradbury
After Uludağ, I moved to Eskişehir, started to study Graphic Arts. It was a really tough decision for that time, my family and friends never got how it was a big challenge for myself, but I never threw up, I could not do so. However, I also began to work for Anadolu University as a designer and created a blog which I was thinking to share new experiences (UX, WordPress, Front-End, Design etc.) and works with visitors. Anyway, It used to be quite good times actually, responses, feeling, experiences… and it changed my perspective so strongly. I really enjoyed to teach something to someone, but, managing the time, studying, working at the same time were too much weight on my shoulders and that pushed me to choose only studying and working. Honestly, I can say that giving up blogging made me so extrovert. There was so much energy to spend now.

New Passions

I used to write for magazines, brands and commercials. After these experiences, I remembered that it was the thing that I need to carry on with a deep passion. I wrote about a lot of topics, designed new things (for brands, exhibitions and other), managed the creative projects and hence on. I fall in love with designing, writing and handling them for a good reason that will affect readers, users, customers etc. After one point to be clearer, lessons which they were necessary to graduate and their projects was not enough anymore for me and I took different lessons from different departments and kept in touch with professionals. Ok, There is a clue for you. If you want to be different from others, if you follow same ways like them, you also will reach same results and you will be in a big challenge. So, be quick, be different and focus on differentiation as possible as you can do. Education system, teachers, books are instruments to show you lines, the thing is playing with these lines to draw your own connections, otherwise, you have to be so lucky ;)

How We Decide to Decide?

Discovering an idea is the primary point. The design would be the best, so creative, so something, but without a great idea, it is simply a thing that everyone can do. So, the idea has to touch feelings, relate with making decisions, actions.
When I was in other countries I have seen that idea affected by acculturation, the point of views, living standards and other their specialized variables as design. How could it be possible? The design was okay, we have determined that at school; colors, types, meanings might different for each culture, but how ideas, decisions could changed by these variables. It was like mind blowing.

Understanding: Marketing, Sociology, Human Behaviours, Needs

I keep trying to understand how a person makes a decision, how and what we desire, how we decide that what we need, what is the process? UIs, branding, design, idea, applications, icons, types, posters connected with these impressions. The design was not enough, also lessons, different departments, instructors, schools were not enough as well. There was always more, nevertheless it is exact.
There are two types of mistakes: ones that eventually make you a better person. And ones that make you a worse person, afraid to break out of the box, afraid to explore and be an artist and take risks and surrender to what isn’t in your control.
The Most Common Mistakes Young People Make
I have failed with some projects, ideas and experiences in that timeline, I have tried another one gets better results from bad experiences and failed again and again, I changed the perspective and tried to identify problems, asked different questions. Now, there are lots of memories to look back on and laugh about, but at that time it was pretty terrible experiences that I had, but that was the first cross which I passed. I asked myself several times, “How could it be possible to remember a brands color, name, identity etc.? How could we connect with a brand? Designing for what? Finding a great idea, but how could be possible to sell it?” Voila!
Here I am and blogging again. There are some new things that I am going to share with you. I am quite excited about them and I hope you will enjoy and get your answers. I look forward your comments and emails ;)

You’re Very Welcome.

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