Hello, I’m Ceyhun Enki Aksan who focus on User Experience and Eco-Innovation.

Working as a…

  • Founder of dnomia (data-driven innovation lab.)
  • Co-founder of DECOL (digital experience collective cooperative)
  • Innovation Officer at MotionB (digital performance marketing agency)

EDUCATION: Marketing, Tech & Design

I am currently studying a master’s degree in Marketing at Bilgi University and working with brands, agencies, non-governmental organisations in different positions. Before, I have studied Graphic Arts (combined it with other departments) at Anadolu University and Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland. I also studied Industrial Electronic at Uludağ University.

Data + Coding + New Media Tech + Design Methodologies

I’m trying to understand human behaviour in relation to new media technologies and not to stop questioning “why?” for each hypothesis.


Firms I have worked with...
Artists I have worked with...


XII Konkursie Sztuk Plastycznych Ars Universitatis


Uniwersyteckiej Galerii Sztuki na Wydziale Pedagogiczno-Artystycznym UAM w Kaliszu