(Türkçe) WordPress qTranslate X Eklentisi

English Text‘ or ‘English Text‘ for theme-custom fields gets them translated – See FAQ for more information.
Language tag encoding allows strings like this ‘English Text‘, with language-neutral text embedded.
Multilingual dates out of the box – translates dates and time for you.
Theme custom fields can be configured to be translatable too.
Choose one of a few modes to make your URLs look pretty and SEO-friendly, for example, the simple and beautiful /en/foo/, or nice and neat en.yoursite.com, or everywhere compatible ?lang=en.
One language for each URL – Users and SEO will thank you for not mixing multilingual content.
qTranslate-X supports unlimited number of languages, which can be easily added/modified/deleted via a comfortable Configuration Page at Settings->Languages.
Custom CSS for “qTranslate Language Chooser” widget configurable via its properties.
Menu item “Language Switcher” to enable language choosing from a menu.
To generate language-specific sitemaps for better SEO support, use Google XML Sitemaps or ‘XML Sitemaps’ under Yoast SEO. Please, report a successful use of other sitemap plugins.




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