KUUP is one of the vertically integrated e-commerces that focus on limited edition designed tees. It is a niche market in Turkey that competitors are a few, such as Kaft, 8 etc. Current trends indicate that there is a potential for weight.


In 2014 (May 01, 2014 to February 04, 2016), we started to consider what has to be the main step and decided to design new shape, use unique designs and produce a special connection that includes lifestyles, needs, and emotions.

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The whole process built on that KUUP has to be more than a brand, it has to have emotions and ideas. Rather than being only an e-commerce brand and selling tees, it has to create well-targeted campaigns, socializing with clients directly and be innovative than other competitors. In this sense, packaging design, website, events, and customer services have to have part of a main strategy.

Web Page

We prefer to work on a native coding system that possibly to make it more optimized, personalized and integrated with other tools, improvements and features. As we know packed systems could not be more effectual if you do not want to get more performance on your systems.

Kuup Magazine

Each page has a function on the website that users / customers / visitors get reach easily. For example, blog area featured on the homepage to show what we are or what will be going on.


Also, featured slider is used for special announcements to the active users if there is currently activated one (it is special and targeted campaigns that are only picked up by related users, we are calling it campaign module)


Plus, the main page has short links for popular products and other related subpages. So, there is only check details on my behance account.